Store all of your link data in one place

When you manage a link portfolio for your client or your own in-house site, there’s a lot of data to store. This data is later constantly accessed, searched in, used for monitoring and ongoing management of your link building work. EasyLinks let’s you store all that information with a simple tagging system, search features and varies analysis options.

Multi team members management

One of the challenges in building links is having to coordinate the work with multiple team members or freelancers working for you. With EasyLinks you can give different level accesses and make sure there are no duplicates or time waste. You can also monitor your team members’ work and issue analysis reports to track their progress and contribution to the team.

Quick Check for multiple domains

When you look for new link opportunities, the most consuming action is contacting the same people over and over again or making sure you’re not contacting the same people. EasyLinks will tell you, in a matter of seconds, whether your checked domains are in the system and under which status (exchanged, negotiation, black list etc.). This way you can be more efficient and increase your chances of getting new link opportunities.


EasyLinks gives you advanced analysis features using the data you’ve uploaded and allowing you to keep track of your progress of your entire link building strategy. The features include data about your current obtained links comparing to the last 7 days, data about your anchor text and landing pages distribution, including graphical and numerical views which you can export to csv format.

Budget management

Whether you have a small or big link building budget, you always need to stay updated with your current stat and all of you remaining funds. This is not always when you have different types of expenses such as one time payments, monthly payments and so on. EasyLinks gathers all of your uploaded data and raps it up for you in a nice package which makes it easier for you to know about your current and upcoming expenses at all time.


To make sure you never miss a deadline of an expired deal, so you can better prepare your monthly budget, and to be aware of all removed links at all time, EasyLinks includes a fully customized alert system that sends alerts to your chosen email.